Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Maya's First Day at Humphrey- October 2012

Getting Maya over to Humphrey (where I work and where Shayne went to school K-6th) was a goal we had from the time Maya started at Pomeroy when she was in kindergarten.  The day finally arrived in October 2012 when her self-contained teacher said that she was sure Maya was ready.  We trusted her judgement and think the people I work with are fantastic, but we were nervous!  These photos were taken on her first day at Humphrey (she started right after the October break).  Shayne and I were so happy to have her in the car with us that day!  Her teacher that year was my friend Monique who I have known since college.  She is a phenomenal teacher, especially to those who march to the beat of their own drums.  The first day went great and she has been happy and thriving ever since. 

Here is a photo of her before her first nighttime music performance that December:

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